Women Techmakers Study Group (24 October—4 December 2016)

Collaborate with the brightest young female developers who eager to share their knowledge and skills in learning Android app development.

Indonesia Android Kejar is an accelerated program that provide method to learn Android programming in comprehensive ways through online & offline course. This year, Indonesia Android Kejar is opening women-only study groups. Apply now here.

Talks (January 2017—February 2017)

Shape the mindset. Aim to solve problems. Think to create, like a founder. Learn from the tech-industry experts who will share their experience.

Here is several topics to inspire you where to start:

  • Opportunity for Female in Tech Industry

  • Why Female Should Pursue A Career In Tech

  • Lessons from Female Leaders in Tech

  • Roadblocks for Female in Tech

  • Female Who Change the World

Workshop (January 2017—April 2017)

Map the problem. Understand the substance. Create the solution.

Go through several workshops to sharpen your skills:

  • Design Thinking

  • Market Validation

  • Building Business for Your App

  • Create Your Own Android Apps

Soft Skill Camp (March 2017—April 2017)

Amplify your great skills by mastering people skills.

This is the checklist of what you will learn in the camp:

Interpersonal Skill — Public speaking, Teamwork

Leadership — Project management, Problem solving, Negotiation

Hacksprint (March 2017—April 2017)

Build the prototype. Meet the co-founders. Complete the strengths and skills.

Hacksprint is a structured method to build products with no fuss. Starts with defining a set of specific problems need to be solved, go on a 3-day collaborative race through a set of definite tracks, and finished with innovative output.

Here, you will build a problem-solving, cool, and innovative products, to collaboratively push the limits of technology as we know it today. Hacksprint is the ultimate innovative proving ground for new ideas for you who want to be fastest.

Bootcamp (April 2017—May 2017)

Consult with experts. Iterate the prototype. Get ready to launch.

Get to know the strengths of your startup in 3-day bootcamp. You will be meeting various experts and mentors that help bring focus on your product and business aspects.

Incubation (April 2017—August 2017)

Sign up for mentoring. Be connected to the ecosystem. Grow.

Selected teams will get into incubation phase. You will be working together in a coworking space, joining office hour sessions with mentors from various industry backgrounds, and setting higher goals every week to be accomplished!